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caramel corn
caramel apple popcorn
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Our classic caramel corn is proudly made with pure Michigan brown sugar and real butter by hand, one batch at a time at our store in historic downtown Cadillac Michigan.  Our signature caramel corn has no preservatives, but comes in a resealable bag (just in case you don't actually eat the whole bag at once). Discover for yourself why our customers call Simply Delightful Caramel Corn the world's best caramel corn. You're taste buds will give you a high five!

A delightful blend of our classic caramel corn and cheesy cheddar corn!

This amazing combination will tickle your taste buds and leave you craving more.

When you get to the bottom of the bag (which won't take long), give us a call and tell us how much you loved it.  We will happily help you order more!

Our amazing combination of classic caramel corn and tart green apple corn started as a seasonal flavor, but due to popular demand is now available all year!

With the perfect ratio of caramel to green apple goodness,

we know it won't take long to polish off the entire bag!

Every coffee lovers dream, our Java Corn starts with the sweetness of our original caramel corn and finishes with the robust flavor of an awesome cup of joe. 

Like every good recipe, months of taste-testing and perfecting helped us

develop a recipe that is truly, simply delightful.

A favorite of the young and the young at heart, our fruity corn is a flavorful combination of cherry, orange, grape, lemon, and green apple corns.

Enjoy them one flavor at a time, or pop a handful in your mouth for a flavor explosion. Whichever way your choose, you're surely going to need another bag!

Classic Caramel Corn
metro mix cheese and caramel corn
caramel apple corn
java corn
fruity corn

Coming Soon!

We are developing and testing new recipes every day!  While we have several new flavors we are working on, we don't release them until we are confident they live up to our high standards!  Keep your eyes open for our new flavors coming soon!!